Dr. Jayashree Nath

Assistant Professor

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Dr. Jayashree Nath, M. Sc., Ph. D.

Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry

Jagannath Barooah College (Autonomous), Jorhat-01, Assam, India

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Contact No.: +918638789723

 Academic Qualifications:

  • PhD : Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati (2010)
  • MSc : Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati (2002)
  • BSc : B. Barooah College (1999)

Area of Specialization

  • Organic Chemistry

Research Interest:

  • Green Chemistry
  • Catalysis

Teaching Responsibilities (UG: Odd Semester):

  • Semester I : CHMMJ-011 (TH)
  • Semester I : CHMMI-011 (TH)
  • Semester I : CHMMU-011 (TH)
  • Semester I : CHMSK-011 (PR)
  • Semester I : CHMVA-011 (TH)
  • Semester III : CHMC-301 (TH)
  • Semester III : CHMS-301 (TH+PR)
  • Semester III : CHMG-301 (TH)
  • Semester V : CHMC-5011 (TH)
  • Semester V : CHMD-5021 (TH+PR)
Jagannath Barooah College (Autonomous)
Barpatra Ali, Jorhat-785001
Assam, India
Phone: +91 376 3510156
Email:  jbcollege@rediffmail.com
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