1. Dr. Utpal Jyoti Mahanta - Chairperson
  2. Dr. Surajit Sharma - Co-Chairperson
  3. Ms. Deepanjali Baruah - Joint Coordinator
  4. Mr. Sadiqur Rahman - Joint Coordinator
  5. Mr.Akashdipta Thakur - Member
  6. Ms. Mushrifa Ibrahim - Member
  7. Dr. Harbamon Rongpi - Member
  8. Dr. Tonmoyee Neog - Member



    JBCFS is a part of Assam Film Society formed to popularise cinema as an artistic medium of social transformation. It aims to give a perfect platform to the youth to explore their interests in the nature, processes, techniques and potential of cinema both as an ideological instrument and as an avenue for employment.



  1. To enhance students’ understanding of cinema in all its dimensions-aesthetic, creative, communicative, critical, industrial and commercial.
  2. To impart skills in contextualising an audio visual work.
  3. To enable students to familiarise themselves with films and film studies which has been incorporated in the curriculum and encourage those interested to take up films as career
  4. To organise film shows for students
  5. To organise workshops on film appreciation, film analysis and film production
  6. To organise regional film promotions



A three day short term course on film appreciation  was organized from 10/7/15-12/7/15 with 23 participants

A  two day state level workshop in film appreciation was organized from 24/4/16-25/4/16 with 27 participants

A one week film appreciation workshop was organised from 29/6/17 to 5/7/17  with 43 participants.


National award winning film makers and film critics acted as resource persons:

PREMENDRA MAJUMDAR, Gen. Secy., Federation of Film Societies of India

MANOJ BARPUJARI, Winner, Swarna Kamal for Film Criticism, 2011

PRANJAL BORA, Winner, Prag Cine Award for Film Criticism, 2018

BUDDHADEB DASGUPTA, Eminent Indian film maker

GAUTAM BORA, Film maker, Winner, Swarna Kamal  for Wosobipo (1990), 

JAICHENG DAHOTIA, National Award winning young film maker

AMRIT PRITAM, International award winning  Sound Designer



The J.B. College Film Society arranged for the promotion of the Assamese feature film ‘Kaneen,’ based on a work by Sahitya Akademi Award winning novelist Rita Choudhury and directed by Monjul Baruah on 9 March, 2019. A large gathering of students and teachers from various departments, including members of the Campus Film Society, watched a screened preview of the film at the Conference Hall No.-1, and later interacted with members of the production team. The director, Monjul Baruah, introduced members of his cast and crew and spoke about his experiences of film-making as well as his expectations of a healthy reception by cine-goers. He invited the audience to watch the film in large numbers and also to help spread the word about the film, ahead of its release. The presence of ‘Minimi,’ popular Assamese rap singer, who sang one of his compositions during the function, ensured an enthusiastic response from the youthful audience. Dr. Surajit Sharma, Co-chairperson of the Campus Film Society, anchored the programme.

The Campus Film Society, in collaboration with the Assam Film Society organized a screening of Manju Baruah’s award winning Assamese feature film Akashitarar Kathare (2002) at the Conference No. 1, Jagannath Barooah College (Autonomous), Jorhat, on 27th March, 2019, from 12 noon onwards. The screening was attended by a large number of students, teachers and members of both Campus Film Society as well as the Assam Film Society. Dr. Jayanta Madhab Dutta, Secretary, Assam Film Society, spoke by way of introducing the film and hoped that the screening would help create a nuanced understanding of gender issues in general and the girl child in India in particular. Dr. Surajit Sharma, Co-chairperson of the Campus Film Society, said that the aim behind the screening was also to create a greater awareness regarding the potential of cinema as a tool for social transformation.  The screening was followed by a lively interaction between the students and the organizers.



  • To create a platform for the students to contextualise cinema in its historical, social, aesthetic and technological perspectives.
  • To encourage students look cinema beyond the entertainment aspect and appreciate film for its genre and style.
  • To design short term courses to enrich the curriculum and to meet the market demands.
  • To organise a series of seminar on Children film, animation and documentaries.

(Text prepared by Dr. Surajit Sharma,Co-Chairperson, JBCFS)


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