List of successfully applied candidates for reverification of marks

 List of successfully applied candidates for reverification of marks : - 

 UG 5th Semester : - 

18ASM1209, 18BOT2068, 18BOT2113, 18BOT2110, 18BOT2110, 18BOT2068, 18PHY2167, 18CHM2214, 18CHM2184, 18CHM2121, 18CHM2020, 18CHM2020, 18CHM2214, 18COM3132, 18COM3065, 17COM3092, 18COM3064, 18COM3001, 17COM3057, 18COM3070, 18COM3081, 18COM3097, 18COM3045, 17COM3145, 18COM3085, 18COM3086, 18COM3101, 18COM3003, 18COM3026, 18COM3102, 18COM3160, 18COM3114, 17COM3144, 17COM3092, 18COM3081, 17COM3035, 17COM3150, 18COM3097, 18COM3141, 17COM3097, 18COM3120, 18COM3072, 18COM3032, 18COM3109, 17COM3049, 17COM3159, 18COM3132, 18COM3161, 17COM3101, 18COM3121, 18COM3157, 17COM3016, 18COM3013, 18COM3003, 18COM3026, 18COM3057, 18COM3064, 18COM3011, 18COM3083, 17COM3136, 18COM3127, 17COM3039, 17COM3035, 18COM3011, 18COM3083, 17COM3136, 17COM3060, 18ECO1059, 18ECO1104, 18ECO1196, 18ECO1059, 18ECO1141, 18ECO1014, 18ECO1104, 18ELT2116, 18ELT2116, 18ENG1125, 17ENG1310, 18GEO2148, 18HIS1271, 18MTH2163, 18MTH2013, 18MTH2041, 18MTH2129, 18MTH2217, 18MTH2041, 18MTH2013, 18MTH2047, 18MTH2164, 18MTH2166, 18MTH2019, 18MTH2179, 18MTH2048, 18MTH2163, 18MTH2133, 18MTH2133, 18MTH2034, 18MTH2129, 18PHY2167, 18PSC1035, 18PSC1032, 18PSC1032, 18PSC1323, 18STS2143, 18STS2178, 18ZOO2005, 18ZOO2200


 UG 3rd Semester : - 

19ASM1235, 18BOT2111, 18BOT2088, 19BOT2121, 18BOT2016, 19BOT2191, 18BOT2137, 18BOT2109, 19COM3081, 18COM3041, 18COM3134, 17COM3019, 19COM3055, 18COM3109, 19COM3059, 18COM3011, 19COM3054, 19COM3120, 19CHM2028, 19CHM2105, 19CHM2125, 18CHM2059, 19CHM2159, 19CHM2015, 19CHM2039, 18CHM2020, 19CHM2151, 19CHM2216, 19CHM2165, 18CHM2214, 18CHM2138, 19ZOO2192, 19GEO2148, 19GEO2140, 19ZOO2008, 18BOT2155, 19MTH2051, 19GEO2161, 19BOT2001, 18MTH2179, 19GEO2041, 19GEO2109, 19COM3137, 18COM3133, 18COM3121, 17COM3049, 18COM3129, 17COM3130, 19COM3047, 19COM3089, 17COM3136, 17COM3033, 17COM3008, 17COM3007, 17COM3014, 17COM3097, 18COM3144, 19COM3117, 18COM3146, 18COM3072, 19COM3094, 17COM3059, 18COM3053, 18COM3142, 19COM3133, 17COM3060, 18COM3007, 18COM3100, 18COM3087, 18COM3070, 19COM3110, 19ECO1272, 17ECO1340, 19ECO1194, 18ECO1211, 17ECO1339, 17ECO1260, 17ECO1267, 18ELT2119, 17PHL1010, 19PSC1361, 18HIS1271, 19GEO2179, 19GEO2182, 19GEO2196, 19GEO2054, 19GEO2197, 19GGR1384, 19GGR1169, 19GGR1195, 19GGR1151, 19PSC1343, 19ASM1314, 19PSC1027, 18PHL1140, 19MTH2048, 17MTH2115, 18MTH2217, 18MTH2013, 19MTH2195, 18MTH2191, 19MTH2020, 18MTH2041, 19MTH2045, 18MTH2166, 18MTH2185, 18MTH2047, 18MTH2156, 19MTH2174, 17MTH2092, 18MTH2122, 19ELT2177, 19GEO2014, 19STS2077, 18CHM2127, 19PSC1295, 18PSC1032, 19PSC1196, 19PSC1090, 19PSC1268, 19SNS1234, 19ENG1160


 UG 1st Semester : - 

2021062, 2022190, 19ASM1229, 18HIS1139, 17COM3039, 2022320, 18MTH2179, 18BOT2074, 19BOT2121, 19ZOO2074, 18BOT2155, 17MTH2153, 19ZOO2034, 19GEO2148, 19ZOO2158, 18BOT2016, 19GEO2094, 17BOT2113, 17BOT2161, 18BOT2088, 17BOT2179, 19GEO2182, 18BOT2066, 18COM3129, 17COM3097, 17COM3059, 17COM3154, 17COM3057, 18COM3132, 18COM3057, 18COM3036, 18COM3003, 17COM3092, 18COM3041, 18COM3008, 18COM3121, 17COM3085, 18COM3065, 19COM3110, 17COM3008, 17COM3049, 18COM3134, 17COM3005, 18COM3032, 19COM3046, 2023024, 18ECO1010, 19ECO1069, 19ECO1137, 19ECO1135, 19ECO1255, 18COM3118, 2023156, 2023172, 2023174, 2021225, 2022398, 2022208, 18HIN1048, 18HIN1240, 2021010, 18MTH2013, 2022383, 19CHM2216, 19STS2077, 18PHL1045, 2021406, 17PSC1022, 2021405, 2021196, 19SOC1085, 18STS2078


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